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We will contact with you and send the login and password to our wholesalers system called e-hurtownia. There you will be able to browse our offer and, in a convenient way, send us your order.

Note: We do not support retail orders. Those who are not engaged in activities related to the sale of cosmetics and perfumes will not be handled.

We guarantee Your company:
  • better supply
  • eliminate errors
  • time saving
System: e-hurtownia is available online.
But You can also download an offline version.

For more information see the manufacturer of the system:

What e-hurtownia is?
E-hurtownia is a friendly and modern system for business clients that helps them to send orders to suppliers. It is used by more than 222 business customers in Poland.

Using e-hurtownia, you can:
  • place an order at any time
  • confirm your order immediately
  • you have an insight into the history of the ordered goods
  • you have an insight into the settlements of your account
We constantly develop e-hurtowni to follow the expectations of our customers.

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